Turbos and Exhaust

Posted by Lucky on 9/30/2012 to ARD Blog Articles
Last week (Tune a HPT or LPT. Wait, a LPT?) we briefly discussed some of the basic differences between the Volvo LPT and HPT engines as well as some common upgrade paths. Thanks to some FF subscribers we had a request to dive in a bit deeper as it pertains to exhaust, turbo selection, and how it all relates to performance and drivability. So let’s dive in!

Upgrade Q's

Posted by Lucky on 9/23/2012 to ARD Blog Articles
I received a request from a FF subscriber a week ago about suggested upgrade routes for different models. This subject could be lengthy enough to cover a few blog articles so we’ll keep this focused on the main Volvo models and engine configurations that are most common and frequent in the US market. This week we’ll cover the differences between the LPT and HLP engine blocks.

Suspension Tuning

Posted by Lucky on 9/16/2012 to ARD Blog Articles

Suspension doesn’t get as much attention as it should in my opinion. Typically the conversation includes what brand lowering springs are getting installed, what size sway bar, and what brand of shocks with too little attention to how it all works together. So let’s take some time to cover the various aspects of suspension and how you can better select the parts you need to get your setup just right!

Water/Meth injection

Posted by Lucky on 9/9/2012 to ARD Blog Articles
Getting’ wet
Water injection has been around for quite some time going as far back as the early 1900’s but its effective use for the control of pre-ignition wasn’t really discovered until WWII. The earliest of gasoline engines had compression ratios so low that knock/ping was something that was nearly unknown and water injection was done as a means of internally cooling the engine instead of using water jackets around the cylinder as today’s engines use. It’s largely believed that German Aero engineers were the first to use methanol in the mix as a means of preventing the water from freezing. Renault’s F1 racing team was the first credited with using water/meth injection in 1983.

Octane And The Turbocharged Engine

Posted by Lucky on 9/3/2012 to ARD Blog Articles
Octane on the Street Octane in the turbocharged performance world is a fairly broad and wide subject matter and conversations abound about when and where to use it. This week on MVS Fast Friday I thought we’d take a look at octane ratings and how/when they are useful to the performance enthusiast. To keep from getting too deep in the subject and in turn get bogged down in semantics let’s discuss the matter as it relates to your typical street driven turbo model.

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