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Posted by lucky on 3/24/2013 to ARD Blog Articles
This weeks Fast Friday will be a bit on the short side since we’re elbow deep in two car builds at the moment and will have some great pics/vids and data for you next week on the non turbo project. With that said I thought we’d cover the topic of how tuners tune cars, the short version

Ultraviolet Tune and the R32 Turbo kit install!

Posted by lucky on 3/3/2013 to ARD Blog Articles

Two weeks ago today we started working with RZ Design on the R32 turbo kit they offer for 2004-2007 R models. With RZ doing the hard work of the install in the first week it left the remainder of the next week for us to complete the tuning.  The turbo on this kit is capable of over 500bhp so reining that in to keep the engine safe was priority number one! The engine in stock form is capable of handling approx. 420 bhp before issues start to arise; typically splitting cylinder liners if there is any detonation. To help keep that at bay we used an AEM progressive water/methanol injection system to act as a safety net since this particular vehicle is driven in high ambient temps on the track quite regularly. While this is likely overkill for most drivers using this kit we thought it wise to give the engine every advantage given its rather rough operating conditions!


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