Spark plugs, light my fire!

Posted by lucky on 2/26/2013 to ARD Blog Articles

Spark plugs are a pretty basic maintenance item in most cars but with turbocharged cars, especially those making higher than stock levels of power, spark plugs become a vital part of the power delivery system. Additional tune up items typically include cap/rotor and spark plug wires but spark plugs take the brunt of the wear in the ignition and it’s not uncommon to have to replace them 3-4 times before any other ignition systems components require attention. With that said let’s look at the options out there and the benefits of each.


Exhaust... choices!

Posted by lucky on 2/26/2013 to ARD Blog Articles

As suggested by the man himself (Matt) this week let’s cover the various aspects of exhaust systems specifically looking at Cat-back systems available in the market today! Per Matt’s suggestion we’ll be considering this topic against a 2004 S60 turbo.

Let’s start by breaking down the aspect of exhaust choices based on diameter, shape, materials, installation, warranty, sound, and legality with regard to catalytic convertors.


E85 and you!

Posted by lucky on 2/26/2013 to ARD Blog Articles
Alternative fuels might not sound terribly exciting when it comes to performance and power but E85 has proven to the performance community it has some real benefits even if reducing our use of fossil fuels isn’t necessarily one of them. For more info on that you can read up here about E85 production and it’s impact on fossil fuel usage For the rest of this article we’ll focus on the main benefits and detriments of using E85 in engines that were originally designed for gasoline use only.

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