AFR's and you!

Posted by lucky on 1/30/2013 to ARD Blog Articles

Air fuel ratio (AFR)might not be a very glamorous topic when it comes to performance but it’s quite useful to have a good understanding of the subject when it comes to both power and efficiency. After all un-burnt gas out the tailpipe doesn’t do much good for either. So this week let’s look at AFR and what it’s all about!


Piggy back and SAFC

Posted by lucky on 1/21/2013 to ARD Blog Articles
When I started tuning years ago the only thing approachable was using a piggy back ECU to adjust fuel and timing on my LH fueled RWD Volvo’s. Of all the cars I put piggy back on, my 242 was my favorite and after the swap from the mechanical K-jet injection to the electronic injection of LH2.2, I was ready to start playing!

Nitrous, spray or pray?

Posted by lucky on 1/12/2013 to ARD Blog Articles
Nitrous oxide systems have been a part of the performance scene for many years now, but thanks (or no thanks) to the Fast & Furious franchise this staple of hot rod performance and power has been glorified to mythical status and as such has become the subject of some misunderstanding and ill-conceived information. So for this week’s article let’s delve into the realm of N2O!

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