Autotragic to Manual Magic!

Posted by lucky on 12/30/2012 to ARD Blog Articles
The process of a manual transmission swap in early Volvo models up to 1999 is a pretty straight forward conversation; Acquire the manual transmission swap parts, install them, and finally install a manual transmission ECU. That�s basically it. Starting in 1999, inter-module communication and ECU�s that were specific to each car, prevented the easy swapping of ECU�s back and forth as we knew it from years past. However with necessity being the mother of invention it wasn�t long until some tuners figured out how to do this in later model cars. This week�s article will focus on what it takes in the various years between 1999- and present models if you�re looking to swap out your slush box for a bolt action transmission!


Posted by lucky on 12/25/2012 to ARD Blog Articles

This week by popular vote we’ll be covering the Compressor Bypass Valve (CBV), Blow Off Valve (BOV) and Diverter Valve (DV) function and differences. While all three do the same thing, there is enough difference and confusion to take some time and clarify each unit and where/when they are used. 


Performance upgrades and engine longevity

Posted by lucky on 12/16/2012 to ARD Blog Articles
For most of us our performance car is also likely a daily driver, which means the concern of reduced engine longevity is a real one. Engine repair can be costly and it’s good to know how far you can go before breaking something but it’s also good to know how much the engine can take without reducing life span aside from outright component failure. This week we’ll cover what the Volvo 5 & 6 cylinder engines can and cannot handle in terms of performance and engine life.

Turbo Upgrade Components

Posted by lucky on 12/9/2012 to ARD Blog Articles
ARD has been offering Billet compressor wheels for the TD04 line of turbos for a few weeks now and the questions have been pouring in faster than I can answer them! So to help clarify the benefits and features of these compressor wheels, this weeks article will cover upgrading turbo components across the board, including billet wheels. There are a number of upgrades available for TD04 turbochargers that are found on the majority of Volvo turbocharged engines and we’ll outline the most popular ones and cover the benefits of each.

Wastegate adjustment, a closer look

Posted by lucky on 12/4/2012 to ARD Blog Articles
Wastegate adjustment may not be the most exciting topic when it comes to performance and power but it’s one of the most important base settings when it comes to boost development in a turbocharged engine. Improperly set, you’ll find even a tuned ECU brings in lethargic and tepid power. So let’s take a closer look at the unsung hero of boost management, the wastegate actuator! First let’s fully understand the wastegate actuator, how it works, and what it ultimately does. The wastegate actuator is metal can with a diaphragm in the middle of it that is crimped between the can halves. The diaphragm is also connected to a rod that exists one side of the wastegate actuator. On one side of the diaphragm is a spring and on the other a vacuum port where pressurized air is fed. As boost pressure rises and pressurized air is fed into the wastegate actuator, the pressure on the diaphragm increases and at some point will overcome the spring tension on the other side of the diaphragm and cause the rod to start moving. This rod is in turn connected to the wastegate arm on the turbo, as it moves the wastegate inside the turbo begins to open and exhaust gasses start to bypass the turbine. When this occurs, less exhaust gas is acting on the turbine and so consequently it slows down in its rotational speed. This reduced rotational speed is directly felt by the compressor wheel as well since the compressor wheel and turbine wheel are directly and mechanically connected to one another. The slow-down of the compressor wheel results in reduced boost pressure fed to the engine. This is the fundamentals of wastegate operation and boost control.

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