Performance mods and retuning

Posted by Lucky on 10/20/2012 to ARD Blog Articles

As far as performance mods go, mostly turbo Volvo models will respond well to the offerings that are out there as far as hard parts go. Things like intake kits, intercooler, exhaust, and turbo upgrades are generally going to increase performance across the board but which of these upgrades requires ECU tuning and which don’t? On this week’s Fast Friday we’ll cover what mods make tuning necessary and which ones don’t!


Cam Timing Basics

Posted by Lucky on 10/14/2012 to ARD Blog Articles
Camshaft timing for the non-turbo crowd is a hotly debated item but there are some basic rules of thumb that most people agree on. For those of us in the turbo crowd it’s quite a bit easier to find common ground and agree on what clearly works and what clearly doesn’t. For this weeks’ Fast Friday article we’ll cover cam timing as it relates to turbo cars since that makes up the majority of the Volvo market. For you non turbo folks, post up in the comments and I’ll be happy to answer any specific questions.

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