TCV Mounting

Posted by lucky on 1/27/2014 to ARD Blog Articles
For those looking for some ideas on how and where to mount their TCV an ARD customer mentioned this helpful tip on how they mounted theirs!

 Dear ARD Tuning, I mounted the TCV I purchased provided by You on the side motor mount that the top motor mount attaches to, right behind the bracket that holds the hose to the brake booster. The side engine mount can be removed by 3 bolts holding it to the motor for easier access for drilling the 2 holes required for mounting it. The hose leading from the snabb intake grommet to the TCV is literally 3 inches long & the other hoses are less than 9-10 inches. I just thought I'd share this so You can recommend a location to your customers that need a bracket, anyways I want to thank You for Your time & Quality Performance Parts.
R. Rodriguez

ARD TCV mounting

Thanks to you sir for your helpful suggestion, and ARD Tuning sticker pack is on it's way to you!

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