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S60,V70,XC90, XC70 (1999-2009)

ARD Tuning is happy to announce the release of our new ECU softloader!

We've listened to what folks have been asking for and started from the ground up with our new system.
We've taken a global approach to Volvo module loading, working with 3 different companies in 5 countries,
to provide a system that is not only modular but allows for continued growth and added features as time goes by.

We're releasing our softloader with both ECU and instrument cluster programming available with more modules to be added.

Our ECU loader offers stage tuning options for cars that are closer to stock along with custom file loading for those setups
that are a little more wild.

Our Instrument cluster loader offers the option for mulitple language packs as well as custom messages in the info center.

Vehicle coverage will start with most P2 models:
S60 2001-2009
S80 2001-2004
V70 2001-2008

ARD Tuning Softloader includes our loading software and USB to OBDII cable

System Requirements:
Windows PC (XP, WIN7, Win8)
Internet connection

ARD Cloning
ARD Cloning
ECU Upgrade (First time tuning customer)
ECU Upgrade (First time tuning customer)