K24 Hybrid - Customer Feedback!

Posted by Adam B. on 3/2/2015 to ARD Blog Articles
My very first Volvo that I bought was a 2001 s60 2.4T and I absolutely loved the car! Since then I wanted another Volvo with a little more power and AWD. That’s when I decided to get a 2005 Volvo S60R with the manual transmission. The car currently has 97,000 miles on it, and I couldn’t be happier. I love everything about it, most of all its uniqueness. 
Of course after owning the car for a little while I wanted to start building it. Over the years I slowly started adding parts to the car. I decided I wanted to get all the bolt-ons installed before tuning the car. The bolt-ons that made the most difference in driving without the tune was the downpipe and intercooler (especially on warmer days). Here is a list of the mods that are on the car now. 

 Mod List: 
• Snabb Intake Tube 
• K&N Air filter 
• High flow Air Intake
• Solid Strut Bar Mounts 
• CNT Downpipe 
• OBX Cat Back Exhaust 
• High Flow Intercooler 
• ARD Tuning K24 Hybrid Turbo with 7+7 Blade 
• Forge CBV 
• Custom ARD Tuning ECU Upgrade  

 I had ARD Tuning convert my stock K24 turbo to a hybrid style with their Hybrid GTX billet compressor wheel.

 Along with this turbo we decided to install another blow off valve (BOV) as the stock CBV is pretty small for the Hybrid K24. So I am running a Forged CBV along with ARD Tuning BOV (see picture). The reason for this is the factory CBV on the Hybrid K24 turbo was not releasing enough pressure at full boost, this can be quite hard on journal bearing turbos, so to address this I had Robert weld on a bung to my over the engine pipe and install a vent to atmosphere BOV. 

Once I had all my bolt-ons installed I decided to go to ARD for a custom tune. They are local to me so it was great to sit down with Robert and talk to him about the limits of my car and what I wanted out of it. I wanted my car to have as much power as possible out of the stock motor without breaking something every time I drive. So right now I’m running  a max of 22 psi and I also had the throttle maps adjusted a little bit to my liking. What I wanted out of the throttle was more power with less throttle pedal input, effectively a more responsive engine without having to mash the throttle every time I wanted some power. I am really pleased with the engine output and power delivery the tuning provides. The power curve is very nice and extremely smooth. It is a huge increase from the car in stock form. The car now pulls all the way through the gear. You don’t realize how fast you are going until you look down at the speedo! The car is much more fun to drive with the Hybrid K24 and custom tuning. I have not had a chance to get the car on a dyno, so I don’t have any exact numbers for it yet however datalogs from the MAF show a calculated 430 bhp!

This will be the setup of my car for a little while until I get the itch for more power, but currently I am very happy with the performance and reliability as is. I have never done a write up on my car so if there is anything else you would like to know or that I’m missing just let me know and I'll be happy to answer any questions :) 

Adam B.

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