Forged Engine build Part 1

Posted by lucky on 3/7/2014 to ARD Blog Articles
This months feature build will be taking place over the next 3 months as our sights are set a bit higher on this 1998 S70 Auto. We'll start with full disassembly of the engine and trans and rebuild from the ground up with forged pistons, forged rods, 20T turbo (to start) and while we're there go ahead and convert from an open differential automatic transmission to a proper limited slip manual transmission! Let's start with the tear down!

As is always, it all starts with everything coming apart. That means engine, trans, and subframe on the deck!

On the ground!

Old setup was 19T on an R manifold and high flow exhaust

Cylinder head is off and at least the inside is looking good.

Engine is stripped and now coming off the subframe. We'll be discarding this transmission as we're converting to manual trans along with a limited slip Quaife differential :)

On the engine stand for final tear down.

Here's the motivation for all this, spun rod bearing on #4 cylinder. This engine already had forged rods and new rod bearings installed but there was no history on the engine so we weren't sure what happened.

Old block ready for the machine shop

Now for the new parts line up! Forged Rods from Max speeding, Wiseco pistons, Toga bearings, and OE head gasket and seals.

New block is back and ready for assembly!

Bearings are installed and clearances are checked

Carrier plate is getting bolted on, remember all your carrier plate bolts and cylinder head bolts are torque to yield... meaning one time use. All brand new fasteners must be used on any engine build!

That's it for this month, our long term build on this ride will take the next 2 featured build of the month blog entries so stay tuned!

Click here for Part 2!

Want more? Check out the Facebook album for more pics: Facebook Album

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