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ARD is now offering free shipping on all products to all 50 states. For shipments outside the U.S. or for alternate shipping methods please contact us via email PRIOR to your order.


Modifying your vehicle means you are taking it outside the normal operating parameters it was designed to withstand. This means components begin to wear and break sooner and easier as the vehicle power increases. ARD does not provide a warranty for the customers vehicles or any of the associated components on that vehicle in any way expressed or implied. It is your responsibility to ensure your vehicle is in good operational condition and properly equipped for the level of tuning and power you are seeking. When in doubt, ask!

Time Frame:

ARD tuning requires two business days to perform. We test, program and retest each ECU to ensure the highest quality control and that each ECU is generating the performance it is intended to. This reduces potential downstream issues that our customers might otherwise face.


All ARD tuning is flash based which means no chips are soldered or desoldered from your factory ECU. This type of flash technology gives us the ability to create any custom tune you might need for your setup or taste as often as you like with no risk to the circuit board or other on board components.

Why ARD?

ARD's model of business puts the customer in control of their tuning experience. Complete customization of your tune allows you to match the ECU calibrations to the particular setup you have. Any and all vehicle modifications that impact the ECU calibrations can be accounted for and optimized within the tuning file.