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ECU Instructions

Thank you for purchasing your ECU upgrade from ARD, we appreciate your business!

The engine control module is the primarily electronic module that controls the engine operation and overall performance, however it relies heavily on base values. This includes properly set waste gate pretension, appropriate octane level fuel, well maintained engine components and properly selected supporting components for the tune you’ve purchased. If you have any uncertainty of these or any other engine parameters STOP IMMEDIATELY. Consult a competent service facility to have these adjustment and services performed before driving in boost with your new tune. An improperly configured engine can create strange performance behaviors that can damage your engine, when in doubt stop and ask!

Once you have installed the ECU to the car, take a moment and let the vehicle idle before driving off. This allows the ECU to make some initial adaptations to fuel trims. Once you begin driving be sure the following learn in procedure is done in a safe manner in accordance with local laws. Start accelerating the vehicle at 25% throttle while monitoring the boost and Air Fuel Ratio. Allow 45 seconds for the engine temp to settle. Now accelerate the vehicle at 50% throttle, again monitoring the boost gauge and air fuel ratio looking for any spikes or erratic behavior. Allow 45 seconds for the engine temp to settle.  Lastly accelerate the vehicle at 75% throttle and note the peak sustained boost pressure.  If at any time during this ‘learn in’ procedure you notice abnormal boost levels in the RPM range or air fuel ratios that are higher than 12.5:1 above 3300 RPM release the throttle and do not continue driving the vehicle in boost until you identify the cause of the problem and resolve it.

Modifying your vehicle means you are taking it outside the normal operating parameters it was designed to withstand. This results in vehicle components that begin to wear and break sooner and easier as the vehicle power increases. ARD does not provide a warranty of the customer’s vehicles or any of the associated components on that vehicle in any way expressed or implied. It is your responsibility to ensure your vehicle is in good operational condition and properly equipped for the level of tuning and power you are seeking. When in doubt, ask!

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