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DASHLOGIC - 2003-2004

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DASHLOGIC  - 2003-2004
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Dash logic provides the data you've been looking for from you Volvo P2 model 2003-2004. With live time CAN bus access you can view just about any piece of vehicle data or info you want! Program the unit with the easy to use software and you can display various vehicle data points on your factory instrument cluster simply plug and play!

Display boost, air fuel ratio, mass air flow meter, brake horsepower and more. See the list below for complete available data. You can even interface your own aftermarket analog sensors for display as well (as example oil pressure or exhaust gas temp).

Set up alarms for conditional events like over speed, over heating, or just about anything you can dream up!

With 3 user profiles you can display data and control alarm events how you want, when you want.

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S60 2003-2004
V70 2003-2004
S80 2003-2004
V70XC 2003-2004
XC90 2003-2004
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