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Billet Aluminum Compressor Wheel - TD04HL-20T

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Billet Aluminum Compressor Wheel - TD04HL-20T
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The ARD Tuning 11 blade GTX 20T billet compressor wheel for Volvo TD04HL turbos is an exclusive offering to maximize the total potential of the turbos we know and love. Coupled with our 20T compressor cover and you've got a bolt up solution for upto 400 bhp with supporting mods.

The Mitsubishi 20T was not offered in Volvo models but was available in other markets, we've brought this wheel to the Volvo community to provide the largest OE MHI turbo components to provide maximum power in a completely bolt on package. We highly recommend matching the 20T compressor wheel with our 11 or 9 blade turbine wheel for maximum power potential.

All ARD Tuning Billet compressor wheels come pre-balanced but for greatest longevity ARD Tuning recommends to have the compressor wheel balanced with the complete assembly prior to installation.

*** The ARD Tuning billet 20T compressor wheel has a 58mm exducer and therefore will not fit smaller TD04 turbos (13G, 15G, 16T, 18T) with 56mm exducer without machining of the CHRA. 

For compressor wheel installation instructions click here: ard tuning billet compressor wheels.docx
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