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Billet Aluminum Compressor Wheel - TD04HL-16T

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Billet Aluminum Compressor Wheel - TD04HL-16T
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ARD Tunings Billet Aluminum compressor wheel for the TD04HL-16T turbo is a simple, cost effective upgrade to improve turbocharger efficiency and flow. 

 Featuring solid billet construction with 11 blade design rather than the 6+6 primary/secondary factory design, this compressor wheel provides more consistent boost with higher air flow. 

 Utilizing stronger billet material we're able to reduce the diameter of the center bore (hub) providing more surface area per blade which effectively increases the inducer diameter and subsequent maximum air flow the compressor wheel can provide. Coupled with more desirable aerodynamics the 11 blade design promotes higher flow in upper RPM ranges where the stock cast wheel can run short.
All ARD Tuning Billet compressor wheels come pre-balanced but for greatest longevity ARD Tuning recommends to have the compressor wheel balanced with the complete assembly prior to installation.

For compressor wheel install instructions click here: ard tuning billet compressor wheels.docx
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