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ARD Tuning TD04HL Billet 19T Spool Control

Part Number 2001
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ARD Tuning TD04HL Billet 19T Spool Control
ARD TUNiNG TD04HL Billet 19T Spool Control Turbo
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ARD Tuning TD04HL Billet 19T turbocharger is a 100% bolt up, plug and play upgrade capable of 350 bhp when coupled with our ECU tuning for your Volvo model. Featuring our 11 blade GTX billet compressor wheel this turbo features HD CBV along with our 0.3 bar wastegate actuator for a complete performance upgrade. Utilize your existing exhaust housing for an easy, hassle free upgrade that doesn't require a change to your turbine housing or downpipe 
or purchase the high flow Angle Flange 7cm housing for maximum upgrade!

The ARD Tuning 19T Spool control turbo features our 11 blade GTX compressor wheel with 6 degree cut back to reduce early boost onset and control early RPM boost development. This helps prevent boost overshoot that is characteristic of the standard 19T when used on 850 and 70 series models. For those cars 1999 and later with ME7 engine management, we recommend the ARD Tuning billet 19T turbo without spool control. The factory boost pressure sensor equipped on these later models controls the turbo with more precision such that the spool control function is not as necessary.

Features both coolant ports styles for early 850/70 and later P2 models. Included plugs provide hassle free fitment to either chassis type!

Available in both 11 blade turbine and 9 blade turbine for max flow and upper RPM power!

All ARD Tuning Turbochargers are brand new and carry a 1 year warranty.  Please allow 4-6 weeks processing time for shipment as ARD Tuning turbochargers are custom built per order.

**If you're upgrading from a TD04L-14T (Volvo 2.5T LPT) you'll need this silicone adapter for a seamless upgrade: http://www.ardideas.com/Silicone-coupler-2-45-degree_p_1088.html)

What makes our turbochargers different? We've spent countless hours installing turbo variations and options to LPT, HPT, R and even non turbo engines to find out what's suitable for each setup. Whether it's big power you're after or just a more efficient turbo than factory we're here to help you decide. We specify our internals, actuators, and components to what we know works, and works well in these models. Email us at [email protected] about options for your car and setup, we're here to help!
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