ARD ECU Software Upgrade S/V70 (1999-2000) (C70-1999-2004) (Retune)

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ARD ECU Software Upgrade S/V70 (1999-2000) (C70-1999-2004)  (Retune)
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Stage 1 Modifications High Flow Intake
High Flow Exhaust
Stage 2 Modifications Downpipe [+$20.00]
Intercooler [+$20.00]
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Billet Compressor wheel
Engine Forged Rods
Forged Pistons
Intake Snabb Intake Elbow
Intake Manifold spacer
Water/Meth Injection [+$20.00]
Blow Off Valve [+$10.00]
Fuel System Race Fuel (104+ Octane) [+$75.00]
E85 [+$105.00]
Nitrous [+$145.00]
Exhaust Catless
R Manifold
Ignition High Energy Ignition Coil
Injectors Red
550cc [+$35.00]
650cc [+$45.00]
750cc [+$45.00]
*Transmission Automatic
Convert from Automatic trans to Manual trans [+$155.00]
Deletes Rear 02 Delete [+$55.00]
Speed limiter removal
Torque limiter removal
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Horsepower and torque gains will vary dependent on vehicle condition, mileage, and modifications installed. 
Our experience has shown typical, repeatable gains as follows comparing Stage 1 bhp/tq to stock bhp/tq on T5 models:
(For information on LPT and non turbo engines please contact us)
16T 50 bhp, 57 ft/lbs
18T 98 bhp, 110 ft/lbs
19T 110 bhp, 125 ft/lbs
20T 127 bhp, 140 ft/lbs
22T 175 bhp, 188 ft/lbs
20G 230 bhp, 220 ft/lbs

Wastegate setting recommendations:
14T  3.2 psi
15G  3.3 psi
16T  3.5 psi
18T  3.7 psi
19T  3.7 psi
20T  4.0 psi
22T 4.4 psi
20G  4.4 psi

Modifying your vehicle means you are taking it outside the normal operating parameters it was designed to withstand. 
This results in vehicle components that begin to wear and break sooner and easier as the vehicle power increases. 
ARD does not provide a warranty of the customer's vehicles or any of the associated components on that vehicle in any way expressed or implied. 
It is your responsibility to ensure your vehicle is in good operational condition and properly equipped for the level of tuning and power you are seeking. 
When in doubt, ask!
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